All That’s Left is a collective unequivocally opposed to the occupation and committed to building the diaspora angle of resistance.

This commitment to resistance forms the common thread of our work and action. Please feel free to email us or find us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more and get involved!

Our vision for this blog is to serve as an organizing space, allowing anti-occupation activists to share stories, analyses, photographs, poems, and other personal expressions in an an openly accessible forum. As the blog takes on a life of its own, it will foster connections among activists, strengthen our collective voice, and provide inspiration as we continue in our struggle together.

Submissions reflect the opinions and perspectives of the author and do not represent the official stance of the collective at large.

Submission Guidelines

The All That’s Left Anti-Occupation Blog is open to receiving submissions from readers, writers, thinkers and doers. If you are unequivocally opposed to the Israeli occupation, you are welcome to create prose, poetry, drawing, photography, and other forms of expression for this blog!

This is a digital space for our members, friends, partners, and community-at-large to engage in discourse, develop ideas, expose truths, and experiment with art. This platform is aimed strengthening the diaspora voice in opposition to the occupation. We encourage you to peruse the site and create work to submit.

You can submitting a piece by messaging us on our facebook page or by emailing Allthatsleftcollective@gmail.com. Facebook is by far the faster way. Our editorial team will contact you within one week to let you know if we can post it or not (*mark “urgent” in the email subject if it is a time sensitive article). We will consider all pieces that fit into the broad anti-occupation-diaspora-angle themes and goals of this forum.