Take a Stand Against the Violence of the Occupation: Stand with Susiya

By Ilana Sumka

It’s time for Jews from around the world to stand alongside Palestinian and Israeli nonviolent activists working tirelessly to end the occupation.  We call on Jews from around the world to join the Center for Jewish Nonviolence for a week of Nonviolence In Action. Here’s why:

The recent killings of a Palestinian baby and two Palestinian teenagers are a tragic and sobering reminder of the violence that is inseparable from the injustices of the occupation.  Those of us who are tired of watching the violence and want to do something productive have an opportunity to stand on the side of nonviolence and justice.  While AIPAC brings delegation after delegation of Congress Members and donors to see their version of Israel through rose-colored glasses, it’s time for us to go and use our presence to show the world – particularly the mainstream Jewish world – what’s really happening.

Thanks to the work of All That’s Left, Rabbis for Human Rights, B’tselem and many other activist groups around the world, many people have already heard about the yet-again planned demolition of Susiya in the South Hebron Hills, recently featured in the New York Times here and here

This October, when the World Zionist Congress convenes in Jerusalem, Jews from around the world will take a stand against the occupation’s violence and stand with Susiya.  Jews from around the world will partner with Palestinians and Israelis working nonviolently to end the occupation. Together, we will build meaningful relationships with other Jews who urgently want to see an end to the occupation and the violence that comes with it.

Join us. We’ve made the delegation as inexpensive as possible: $300 for a week with free Jerusalem area home-stays, and we’ll offer suggestions on how to utilize crowdfunding to help offset your plane ticket.  (We’re not Birthright!  We’re going to have to be creative and resourceful to fund our own activism.  We are developing a frequent-flyer matching program to help cover plane tickets.  If you have miles to donate, please contact CenterForJewishNonviolence@gmail.com).

We invite all those concerned with a just future for Israelis and Palestinians to join us.  There’s still a month left to register: registration deadline is August 31, 2015.   To register for the October week of Nonviolence in Action, click here

To receive more general information about the growing movement of diaspora Jews standing in solidarity with nonviolent Palestinian and Israeli activists seeking an end to the occupation (including our October delegation), sign up here

We expect participants will have a diversity of ideas regarding a specific future political solution for Israelis and Palestinians (two-state, one-state, federation, other), and that participants will similarly differ regarding specific nonviolent strategies and tactics.  We also expect that participants will have varying understandings of and relationships to Zionism and nationalism. This diversity is welcome.

We will unite in our shared commitment to dismantling the current system of occupation, working towards a future regional political system that upholds full, equal civil and human rights, and using nonviolent solidarity activism to draw attention to the current injustices faced by Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.

We know that it is time – past time – for the Israeli occupation to end.  

Ilana Sumka is the Director of the Center for Jewish Nonviolence.

One comment

  1. Standing up for Human Rights is fantastic but that isnt what you are doing. Human Rights are a universal value that rise far above partisan political agendas of the type this organisation carries. Case in point on how such partisan convictions cause strife is this group’s interjecting themselves in the contention around Sussiya.
    There has never been an Arab village of that name. If one existed it would be listed on Israeli, Jordanian, Britush and/or Ottoman Censuses. There has never been any listing. The extremely comprehensive British "Village Survey of 1945" hasbt an Arab within 14 kilometers. The British "Census of 1923," also extremely comprehensive as it followed a programme that allowed Arabs free of charge to register any amount of public lands in their own name again has zero mention of any Arab village in the vicinity.
    Guerin in 1869? Kitchner abd Conder in 1874? Myer in 1936? None of them list any Arabs anywhere near there. In fact all list the ruins because the phrase "Khirbet Sussiya," the name Arabs and their supporters attack to this supposed village simply means "Ruins of Sussiya."
    Yet here you are. Foreigners inviting other foreigners to join in acting against Jews living in Judaea. Hubris.


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