A Podcast on Feminism & Israel/Palestine

By Rebecca Katherine Hirsch

Hello. Welcome to the first Israel/Palestine episode on the esteemed podcast Humble Mumbles. You might be wondering: Israel/Palestine. It’s a ‘conflict.’ But what are its patriarchal dimensions and possible feminist solutions? Humble Mumbles has jumbled thoughts on the matter. Here jaunty vocals meet menacing music. Feminism meets patriarchy meets dreams meet reality! This is a more dead version of a once LIVE performance on Feminist Implications for Israel/Palestine at art space Little Berlin in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Humble Mumbles is a bumptious feminist podcast of a social-psychological nature featuring searing cultural criticism, psychological investigation and interstitial singing. Valedictory rhyming poems. And music from friends.


Humble Mumbles is a Rebeccabooks production, an affiliate of Never Forget Radio and BARBARISM. Find out more on FacebookBandcampSoundcloud. Inquiries and advice: humblemumblespod@gmail.com


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