The White-Wash Connection (A Poem)

By Michael Nance


People not involved in making a white-washed flag

Think it is naturally pure

The land is naturally red and green

Only the intangible sky is naturally blue and white 


A white-washed flag covers the land

If the sky covers the land completely,

Where can the dove fly to?


We spread on ourselves a canopy of our peace

From the four corners, the knots tie themselves together

Because we commanded ourselves to wrap 


We are that we are. Resistance is futile.

Pre-approved questions only.

We are the what whats

We are the whites and blues

We are the idea

We are the wisps of clouds


Is there room for any color at all?

Even rainbows live in the sky.

But the sky is blue and white.

So we have rainbows too: from blue all the way to azure.


But there are seeds in the ground. And the shadows are lengthening.

And I yearn for the day when the plants of the ground break through the techelet halevana to meet the rays of the sunset.


The sky will be in crisis, that much is for sure.

But we’ve lived through worse.

Life’s like a movie, and I’m writing my own ending.


So take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand

I don’t care, I’m still free

You can’t take the sky from me


Can the blues still exist on the ground?

Of course: it’s not Roy G. IV. 

I’m just not sure if I’m part of that.


Some day I’ll find it, the Rainbow Connection

The realists, the dreamers, and……




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